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Sommelier Japanese Gyokuro HIKI green tea Premium 50g - teesa NO.15
This rarity, created by tea masters, comes from a garden near the Hiki River in the Wakayama district and is characterised by its long, needle-shaped, pine-green leaves. When infused, it is light yellow and bright and clear with the typical fresh, slightly nutty flavour and intense, fully aromatic taste. Due to the very small total production, unfortunately only available in limited quantities. A real TeeSommelier recommendation for connoisseurs and lovers of Japanese tea. Gyokuro is a fine full-shade tea with a wonderfully fresh, light green cup colour. Gyokuro is sweet, fresh, green and unique in flavour. It is one of the finest shaded teas that Japan has to offer. Gyokuro translates as "evergreen dewdrop".

Content: 0.05 kg (€318.00* / 1 kg)

Sommelier Scottish Breakfast black tea 50g No. 05
This strong Assam - Broken tea is an ideal addition to a hearty breakfast. Strong and spicy in flavour, the Scottish Breakfast can be refined with milk, cream or Kluntje at any time. A dark red cup colour rounds off the appearance for the senses.

Content: 0.05 kg (€70.00* / 1 kg)

Sommelier Oolong Taiwanese semi-fermented Tung Ting Premium 50g - NO. 41
This exquisite speciality is only produced in the Nantou mountain region of Taiwan and is highly regarded by tea connoisseurs all over the world. It is only briefly fermented and, unlike its namesakes, is firmly rolled by hand. The relatively short fermentation time also ensures a rather light and fresh character, in contrast to the rather heavier green oolongs, which are more characterised by their tart depth and spicy strength. The leaves are olive and jade green in colour. The cup shimmers a light amber colour. Very lively in the first infusion, reminiscent of the scent of peach blossom.

Content: 0.05 kg (€158.00* / 1 kg)

Sommelier Japanese Genmaicha green tea Premium 50g - NO.14
This speciality consists of bancha tea, to which around 50% roasted or puffed rice is added. The incomparable flavour is characterised by the smoothness of bancha tea and a pleasant, slightly sweet, nutty and caramel note. Due to its low caffeine content and delicate mildness, this tea is suitable for all-day enjoyment. Newcomers to green tea can also gain their first experience here, not least when they switch from the flavoured range.

Content: 0.05 kg (€150.00* / 1 kg)

Sommelier Greek Mountain Tea Herbal Tea Premium 30g - NO.21
Mountain tea or alpine tea (Sidretis) grows wild in some parts of the Mediterranean. The majority of these labiates grow wild, but a few varieties are also cultivated. Rich in essential oils, the flowers, stems and leaves all smell of fresh herbs when infused, with a slight hint of lemon. Mountain tea can be enjoyed hot or cold, sweetened with a little sugar or honey. The Greek mountain tea is already cut and can be used immediately as a tea.

Content: 0.03 kg (€116.67* / 1 kg)

Sommelier Sencha green tea from China decaffeinated 50g - NO. 16
This de-caffeinated China Sencha (without tea ingredient) leaves nothing to be desired for green tea lovers. A well-crafted leaf, lemon-yellow in the cup, with a fruity, slightly tart character and a mild, round flavour. Ideal for enjoying green tea in the evening.

Content: 0.05 kg (€78.00* / 1 kg)



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