Simplicitea - my Earl Grey break

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    Simplicitea - my Earl Grey break - Tea capsules by Ronnefeldt For which capsule machines is SIMPLICITEA® suitable? SIMPLICITEA® is suitable for Nespresso® * coffee machines. Why is there a flavoring seal on the SIMPLICITEA® tea capsules? The aroma seal protects the tea from environmental influences and ensures the usual Ronnefeldt quality. How do I dispose SIMPLICITEA®? With the concept of sustainability, used capsules should be disposed into the yellow bin thus later being recycled. How do I prepare the tea? Before preparation, the aroma seal on top of the tea capsule must be removed. This is the only way to ensure the functionality of the Nespresso® * coffee machine. Is the tea taste affected by the simultaneous use of the machine with coffee capsules? No. The use of coffee and tea in succession is easily possible and does not change the tea taste. Is it necessary to clean the machine before using SIMPLICITEA®? Please rinse your machine with water after each use. We recommend a daily cleaning to care for the machine. Rinse the water tank and empty the capsule container and the drip tray daily. Different teas have different brewing times. How is it ensured that the tea still develops its full flavor? The teas were developed with care and effort especially for the Nespresso® * machine. The pressure of up to 19 bar makes it possible for the high-quality fanning and fine-cut qualities to develop their full taste despite the lack of drawing time. * Trademark of the company that has no affiliation with J.T. Ronnefeldt KG.

  • Black tea, aroma

  • EAN: 4006465261105

Aromatisierter Schwarzer Tee mit Bergamottegeschmack - 10 Teekapseln à 3 g Aromatischer,... more
Product information

Aromatisierter Schwarzer Tee mit Bergamottegeschmack - 10 Teekapseln à 3 g
Aromatischer, verwegener Schwarzer Tee kombiniert mit dem zitrischen, frischen Geschmack der Bergamotte. Eine spritzige Interpretation dieses Klassikers.

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Nutrition Facts Per 100 ml Infusion
Energy: 3 kJ / <1 kcal
Fat: <0,1 g
saturated fat: <0,1 g
Carbohydrates: 0,2 g
Sugar: <0,1 g
Protein: <0,1 g
Salt: <0,01 g

  • Black tea, aroma
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